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Step by step and doing things right. Or trying. But I’ve reached 5003 likes on Facebook so I felt like saying a big «thank you» and as I’ve been doing all this time I’ve thought about something to compensate. I had always had a problem with that because It’s impossible to have a prize for everyone when I did a contest or something similar so…

This time, I have thought about giving away the file so EVERYONE can print it. Probably not many people would do it but I think, for some of them, it would be nice to have a «window» to their/mine city if they are far away as I am. Or maybe for those living in a city like the one I’m living in, just to have some views that you can nearly hear and breathe. At least, even without printing it, it could be a nice desktop background for a time.

So… the picture was taken in Los Montes de Málaga (Spain), near Pocopán. It’s a 70x40cm – 300ppp file and the license is in a separate file. Basically is a CC saying that you can print it for your personal use but not much more (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs).

You are free to print the picture and hang it on your wall. And if you do that I would love to see the picture of the picutre (inception?). I give you the oportunity to donate something if you want for the picture but this is totally optional. Just in case anyone feels like supporting one of these people working in one discipline inside the «art» industry.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

So you don’t have to donate to get the file but if you want, I would really appreciate it if you download it by clicking this «pay with a tweet of facebook» and share the content on twitter or facebook. This is another way of paying and making people know me and my work. A nice way of giving and receiving ;)


I hope you like it and do not forget to [breathe]. We are being used to live asphyxiated (in many aspects).


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